Happy Clients include

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“Learning how to accept business cards has made all the difference in how other’s perceive me. Thank you!” -Yvonne Hildebrand-Bowen, Pacific Grove, CA

“Thank you for your etiquette lesson today. All of your tips were very useful and I feel more confident now about networking events. The most valuable takeaway today was your advice to spare 10 to 15 minutes (per week) to reach out to people. When I’m busy, I tend to forget the importance of keeping in touch with people regularly. Thank you for the reminder.” Heesook Hwang, MIIS Student, 2014 May Candidate

“Carrie, Thank you on behalf of the Jr. League Members for the Etiquette class on Saturday. You made it fun, entertaining and comfortable for everyone. We learned a lot and enjoyed it! Great job, Carrie! Thanks again for your time.” Lydia Ho of the Jr. League, Monterey, CA

“Dearest Carrie, Thank you so very much for your Grace and Poise class! My daughter and I really did enjoy our time with you. I appreciate your generosity to SpectorDance and to us. Thank you for sharing your etiquette knowledge and social graces with us. You certainly gave us some things to think about. Now whenever I walk, I think about walking in a line… and I think of you. I appreciate your efforts to restore and maintain civility to our culture. Many blessings of joy in your week and thank you again for an absolutely delightful afternoon!” Renée Bow-Dove, Salinas, Ca

“I recently had the pleasure of enjoying an etiquette lesson from Carrie Glenn of Etiquette at Hand. It was an enjoyable couple of hours, and I learned quite a bit. Carrie was great and very knowledgeable about her subject. She was unfailingly polite herself and always kind about any suggestions she made. She is willing to cover a wide range of etiquette subjects. I can definitely say that my experience with Etiquette at Hand has been a very positive one as well as a lot of fun.” Cheryl Ferguson, Pacific Grove, CA

“I so appreciate your advice and thank you!” Rose Hamilton, Monterey, CA

“Your advice to acknowledge what was said (by my children) and then remind them how we should say those things does help.” Katie Davin, Salinas, CA

“Thank you Carrie, I will take your advice and quote to heart. Thanks for your advice.” Scott Humphreys, NYC, New York

“Carrie has a heart of gold and many wisdoms to share. If etiquette polishing is something you need, look no further. Carrie is a wonderful resource with all the right do’s and dont’s you need to make an authentic lasting positive impression. Want an expert on the subject matter, contact Carrie! I highly recommend her!” Kari Uselman, Oshkosh, Wisconson