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Do you see with your eyes? by Carrie Glenn

Picture a small, modern coffee shop sharing space with a small indie movie theater. The smell of hot coffee is more prevalent today than the popcorn.

I am upstairs with my four year old granddaughter where it is warm and open and friendly. We talk and laugh about her school. Her friends. She tries my pasta yet it is too spicy. She tips her water and only a drop escapes the lid. 
She wears the cutest hat ever. It’s a white knit beanie that reads, “Meow. Just kitten.” Cute as can be. And she has a wrap around dress over tights and lace-up boots. And of course a pink knit backpack. Kid’s got style, I’m telling you. 
As we were leaving, a nice young lady who works there compliments Norah’s boots and Norah thanks her. Norah proudly tells me “…and I looked her in the eye when I said, ‘Thank you.’”
At age four she understands that it is kind and polite, to have good manners and to look people in the eye when we talk to them. My job is done. (Ha! Well maybe not…lol!) 

Signing off,
Carrie Glenn, Etiquette Expert
Please remember to Practice Politeness!
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Carrie Glenn helps Millennials develop career etiquette so that they can become a powerful force in the workplace. She teaches workplace civility, career etiquette, volunteer and event etiquette, Mother / Daughter grace and poise, professional dining, professional image and makeup, and more. From the dining room to the boardroom, her unique training provides powerful social skills that deliver results. She is the founder of, where she teaches everything kind, classy, and beautiful and she is the author of The Periscope Checklist, the eBook that teaches professional, high quality live broadcasting skills.

Delicates by Carrie Glenn

Featured on NBC’s TODAY Shortcut??? No way! But yes. It’s true! “Help A Reporter Out” (HARO) is an email subscription list that sends queries from reporters and article writers to your inbox. They tell you what info they need and from which experts they want it for their upcoming projects and if all match up, you submit your pearls of wisdom.


And again.

And again, and again and again.

When I emailed my submission to Aly Walansky’s query for her TODAY show site’s article on taking care of tights, I sort of figured, “No way. She won’t select mine. It’s too dumb. It’s not that good, not good enough. It’s boring…” I almost didn’t hit send! And the funny thing… I didn’t even know she accepted the submission! Then today, I received an email saying it was live and WAHOO! Totally flipped out.

Tights and Etiquette? Wait. “What do tights have to do with etiquette?” One might ask. It’s a valid question. And the answer is simple: style is etiquette. So is how we care for our things (yes, including something as seemingly simple as tights). The less we have to think about the cares of this world, the more we can concentrate on the most important things like how we treat one another. And let me tell you, if my tights are bunching down my hips, it’s hard to genuinely smile while greeting my potential new business partner’s new husband.

So check out “How to Make tights last: Freeze them first” by Aly Walansky and learn a few tricks to keep your tights in tip top shape.


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