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As seen in...TODAY Shortcuts
As seen in…TODAY Shortcuts


Carrie Glenn as seen in Career Builder Advice and Resources, the Workplace
Carrie Glenn as seen in Career Builder Advice and Resources, the Workplace

Millennials Career Etiquette

How to manage Baby Boomers

Ace that breakfast job interview

Snag that promotion

Get your dream sponsor

For CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and working professionals


The Workplace Civility Project

Solve your HR nightmares with one simple phone call

Comply with California’s new legislation

Get a jump on the “Healthy Workplace Bill” (introduced in 26 states)

Join the many businesses already taking action to

STOP Office Bullying 


Event Team Etiquette

Event Team’s guide to Proper Behavior

so that your event will run smoothly


Graduate and International Students

Prepare for Success

Today’s Top Tips to Confidently Create the Career you Want

Career and American Etiquette


Volunteer Etiquette

The Etiquette Guide for Today’s Volunteer

Top 10 Habits for Top Volunteers


Mother Daughter Grace and Poise

When a woman has mastered the

10 ways to Create Courtesy, Competence, and Confidence

she is more likely to make better decisions


Dining for Success at Fandango Restaurant

Western and International Dining

Learn the tools you need

to make the difference in the world

you want to make


Summer Finishing School

Learning to eat properly


Conflict Resolution

Listening, RESPECT, style and grooming 


Children of Professional Parents

for young ladies and gentlemen

Learn manners & etiquette


a wonderful self-confidence builder!

Happy Clients include

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Other Topics include

Children and Teens • Dating • Conflict Resolution • Career

Professional Image • Wedding • Special Events

 • Birthdays



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Confidence • Respect • Communication

Manners are Kindness in Action

“If we all practiced etiquette and civility, what would we then have left to war over?” Carrie Glenn

Please Remember to Practice Politeness!